Mung bean sprouts

Sukjunamul 숙주나물

Mung bean sprouts add a light, refreshing, crispiness to many Korean dishes. You can buy them in many grocery stores, or grow your own mung bean sprouts at home.

mung bean sprouts



Recipes that use mung bean sprouts (sukjunamul):



  1. TracyMom Maryland joined 10/11 & has 1 comment

    Hello. I LOVE sukju namul, but when I bought these sprouts at the Korean market, they had a very strange chemical smell. Then I went back and bought more and those also had a smell. I bought them in the plastic package.

    Is that normal? Is it something that goes away if you soak it or cook it? It didn’t seem to. I put it Shin Ramen and it still had a strange odor and couldn’t eat it.

    Thank you so much! Love your website.
    Tracy in Maryland

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