Today I’m going to make a mung bean sprout side dish with my homegrown mung bean sprouts. If you followed my directions and harvested your sprouts already, this is perfect timing for you and you’re ready to start! If you didn’t grow your sprouts, don’t worry, you can still buy them in a grocery store. They’re widely available these days.

In Korean, this recipe is called sukju-namul which is also the name for the bean sprouts themselves. We also call this recipe nokdu-namul, because the sprout grows from the mung bean, called nokdu (녹두). On my website I call the recipe sukjunamul-muchim because muchim means mixed.

You may remember that I posted a recipe and video for a mung bean sprout side dish years ago. That recipe is a little different than this one. It has cucumber in it and is from the southern city of Yeosu where I grew up. The recipe I’m showing you today is more widely known in Korea, and just as delicious.

I hope you enjoy the recipe, and if you make it, let me know how it turns out!



  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.
  2. Blanch the sprouts for 1 minute, stirring with a wooden spoon. Strain them and rinse in cold water in a large bowl for a couple of times. As you rinse them, shake them under the water so the skins fall into the bowl. Put the cleaned sprouts in a basket and strain well. sukjunamul muchim (mung bean sprouts side dish: 숙주나물 무침)
  3. Combine garlic, green onion, fish sauce, kosher salt, toasted sesame oil, and sesame seeds in a bowl. Add the sprouts and mix by hand to season evenly.
    sauce for mung bean sproutssukjunamul muchim (mung bean sprouts side dish: 숙주나물 무침)
  4. Transfer them to a serving bowl or plate. Serve warm or cold as a side dish. You can refrigerate them for up to 3 days.

sukjunamul (mung bean sprout side dish: 숙주나물)

Vegetarian version

Skip fish sauce and use 1½ teaspoon kosher salt.

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  1. Athompson United States joined 8/23 & has 1 comment

    In 2001 I was stationed near Uijeongbu and fell in love with the cuisine. After I came home, I found your YouTube channel and I’ve been following you ever since. The first recipe I made was bulgolgi, then kimchi and this one. I absolutely love you! Your recipes are all so delicious and I have never strayed from them. I made a trip to Memphis to the Asian grocery this past weekend for ingredients to make kimchi saw mung beans and decided I needed them too. I made this a few minutes ago and I could eat the entire lb. Thank you!!

  2. perrynoya United States joined 8/22 & has 1 comment

    There is vegetarian fish sauce now. We bought some as our daughter is allergic to most fish. It’s better than nothing athough fish sauce is fish sauce. The recipe is great. We love cooking Korean and dining out as well. Love this website for authentic Korean recipes. Always a winner.

  3. MaangchiLove Montreal, Toronto joined 8/19 & has 56 comments

    Mung bean sprout na-mool :D

    See full size image

  4. SweetT Conway, AR. USA joined 9/20 & has 2 comments

    This looks so yummy! I bought some beans yesterday and I am going to make this side dish tonight. I was wondering what it was you served these beans with? I really enjoy watching your videos and exploring making your recipes ❤️ Thank you very much! Yummy things make me happy too!

  5. Tfair46 Atlanta, Ga USA joined 5/20 & has 3 comments

    Hello Maangchi, if I put Mung Beans in the freezer will they still be fresh and tatse the same when I cook them with this recipe?

  6. rjrodan1203 Las Vegas, NV joined 1/19 & has 1 comment

    Thank you Maangchi!!!! I was born in Seoul but was adopted and brought to America when I was 6 and lost touch with my roots. Thanks to your videos and recipes I have gotten back in touch with my Korean Heritage. I am learning the Korean culture through your recipes. Thank you so much. This is more than just food for me. I have been watching your videos for years. I love the backstories you share about the recipes with your family, or Korean history and customs. XoXo

  7. sandriangem Philippines joined 8/14 & has 2 comments

    my son loves this. He always ask me to cook this. thank you for sharing the recipe.

  8. angelsoo Hong Kong joined 12/17 & has 2 comments

    Dear Maangchi, thank you so much for your sharing.
    I found a few side dish want to make but I want to know how many days can I keep in the refrigerator. Could you please let me know ^^~ Thank you.

    #Eggplant, #Mung bean sprout, #Spinach, #Potato and #Rolled omelette

  9. AmirA Algeria , Zeralda joined 3/17 & has 1 comment

    i will try it today

  10. Masschan London, UK joined 7/16 & has 5 comments

    Thank you for this recipe Maangchi. Whenever I make this to have with my lunch at work I make extra to bring with me, my work friends always want to eat it too! Everyone loves your recipe and lunch always tastes better with friends.

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  11. malmi perera sri lanka joined 2/15 & has 9 comments

    Thank you very much, maangchi your very kind & lovely lady , You cook spicy food for sri lankan people awesome I love those words. if you will come ever sri Lanka please come visit my home. Maangchi plz tell me your personal address I Have
    Gift for you. Because I’m your biggest fan. And I’m always glad to you ,about your cooking perfect methods sharing all the people.

  12. malmi perera sri lanka joined 2/15 & has 9 comments

    Oh ,my mung bean sprouts are finally growing up& I made mung bean sprouts side dish (and I added some spicy red chilli because of sri Lankan people like most spicy food) .its really delicious. Thanks maangchi.

    See full size image

  13. sa_pilipina Kunsan City joined 6/09 & has 3 comments

    I thought this was called Kong namul (Kang namul)?

  14. HW joined 11/15 & has 4 comments

    Love every dish of manngchi’s, so good!!! Adding fish sauce to mung bean sprouts or soy bean sprouts salad is incredible delicious.

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  15. V. ND joined 5/14 & has 4 comments

    Today my mung beans are finally finished growing ,Yeah !!! I could hardly wait to try this side dish and I will say It is absolutely amazing ! Thank you Maangchi……Bye !

  16. EvilGrin joined 6/15 & has 46 comments

    I absolutely love this side dish. Its by far my favorite way to enjoy sprouts.

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