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Brankica’s ddukguk party

I met Brankica through my website recently. She emailed me to say that she invited her friends to her house on Korean New Year’s Day. She would make rice cake soup for them. I wished her rice cake soup would turn out delicious!

A few days after, she sent me the photos of her party with the rice cake soup that she made. All her guests and friends look happy in the pictures. I kept looking at the pictures over and over again and I wished I had been one of her guests!

After exchanging emails several times, I found she is a very open minded, adventurous, and intelligent person!

She said her rice cake soup was huge success! I am quoting a few lines from her email with her permission:

“…your recipe worked like a miracle: everyone loved the rice cake soup! I got my friends to do various steps in the process. Who did what was decided by a draw I made sure that men somehow got the ‘dirtiest’ work such as chopping garlic and leek and/or doing the dishes. It was a lot of fun – especially with a bit of soju, kkk….”

When I read her “kkk,” I really did “kkk” at home in New York! :)




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