These noodles are made from sweet potato starch and are nearly transparent after they’ve been cooked. They’re essential for making japchae. In a pinch you can substitute with cellophane noodles (a.k.a. “glass noodles”) or Chinese vermicelli, which are similar but made with mung bean starch.

Look for them in Korean grocery stores. Seal the package well and store in a cool place.

starch noodles

starch noodles

starch noodles (Dangmyeon)

Recipes that use starch noodles (dangmyeon):


  1. Scratch Baker Midwest joined 2/19 & has 1 comment

    Maangchi! You are an INSPIRATION! I came across your videos while searching for an interesting green pea soup. When I found your Kongjuk recipe, I knew I had to try it – rice cakes and all! I even made my own glutinous rice flour, and wrapped a date with flax seeds and spices! Wow! Sadly, the first time I made glutinous rice flour, I didn’t soak the rice long enough. I think I have the process down – rinse dry rice until water runs clear, soak rice 24-48 hours, strain rice and rinse again – then lay out on a towel to dry before grinding into flour. I used this process last night for glutinous rice flour to go in SAMGYETANG – and OMG this soup is PHENOMENAL – I use a couple of chicken pieces with bone and a chicken breast; rather than a whole chicken – and apricots (like you suggest in the Kongjuk recipe, since I can’t find jujube’s) and like a Tablespoon of dried gingseng (can’t find fresh here in Midwest Winter Wonderland!) OMG – This soup, I just CAN’T get enough! After straining my chicken pieces, I blended the rice and veggie’s in the white broth and it became gelatinous and white and amazing – just like the Seolleongtang broth looked!
    I loved Samgyetang SO MUCH, that I’m planning on incorporating a couple of other chicken soup ingredients like onion or carrot to give it a bit more depth instead of rice (because I like flavor booming from everything…maybe i should soak my rice in chicken broth…)
    That leads me to the reason for this post – I saw you make a recipe with Dangmyeon in it, and thought those would go perfectly in Samgyetang! There are a few groceries stores in town, and I’ll make my way around to finding a package of Dangmyeon somewhere! I wanted to share a link to an article I found about making these types of noodles, which I think looks REALLY cool! There’s a video of a man making noodles through a colander! Maangchi, make us a Dangmyeon noodle recipe FROM SCRATCH! This article says they use Alum, but I heard that’s dangerous :-( You should make it healthy! BTW, Did I mention that I’m searching out Gardenia flowers for Pickled Daikon? And I already bought most of the ingredients to make Baek-Kimchi — since I think Kimchi is usually very spicy – lol. I’m using pecans instead of chestnuts, and couldn’t find chili threads!! Have you ever tried using butternut squash or other winter squash in kimchi? Does it go mushy? I’m attaching a picture of my Samgyetang! Did I also mention that my Samgyetang stayed hot for a very long time, and I couldn’t help but slurp it really hot just like you described in your video?! I felt Korean at that moment! *Thank you so much for your inspiration to make truly flavorful and delicious food in the kitchen!*

    See full size image

  2. sailorsquid Alabama, US joined 11/17 & has 2 comments

    Hello Maangchi! Ever since my friend showed me your channel I’ve been watching your videos all the time and I love your recipes and especially your sweet and caring personality. You’re so passionate about food, and watching your videos always cheers me up when I feel down!
    Where I live, we don’t have many asian markets to shop at. I researched and found a couple of them about an hour away from where I live, so we went and I took my shopping list! I found lots of amazing things except for one thing; dangmyeon. I thought for sure they’d have it but I didn’t see it anywhere. Now just yesterday we stumbled upon this really small market about 6 minutes away from my home, so we went to check it out and guess what they had! :) It was such an awesome thing to find it in a small place that I didn’t even know of before! I’m so excited to make things with dangmyeon in the future, and I’ll tell my family all about you when I serve it for dinner! <3

  3. RuthC Colombia, South America joined 6/17 & has 8 comments

    hello maangachi, I just came a comment that does not include the recipe of kimchi pork buns that also uses dangmyeon

  4. SirBrackalot Upstate, South Carolina joined 4/17 & has 1 comment

    Hey! Love all your recipes, shows, and books! My local Asian supermarket use to carry Big bulk bags of dangmyeoun noodles but, now, they only have small bags, too expensive. Do you know the best place to order online and best price? For what quantity is a good price for ordering online? Thank you!

  5. Chef Rico in my mind joined 1/17 & has 1 comment

    How many ounces of noodle per serving? Both as a main dish and a side?

  6. Tian United States joined 10/16 & has 2 comments

    Hi Maanchi!

    I’ve had so much fun making your recipes! ^^

    Question: I made your 부대찌개 a few weeks ago for a dinner party. I was so tired after cooking, I did not seal the 당면 bag O.O

    The bag has been open in my pantry for two weeks…are the dry 당면 still safe to cook?


  7. ame.loli joined 5/15 & has 1 comment

    HI Maangchi I found these noodles at an Asian store not a Korean shop. Have you used these to make anything? they are flat and wide but still tasty. (Brisbane, Australia)

    See full size image

  8. Kavanaru France joined 1/10 & has 7 comments

    My Korean friends in Germany used “sweet potatoes vermicelli” for their Jobchae… Are this the same noodles? I ask because I had never found SPV anymore since I left Germany and has been using Mung Bean Noodles for my Jobchae all this time… but yesterday I visited a “(for me) newly discovered” Asian shop near my new residence in France and voila there I have SPV again… :-)

  9. Oumsker Washington, DC joined 6/10 & has 3 comments

    In your Japchae (stir fried noodles with vegetables)tutorial…I think the noodle looks different from starch noodle pictures on this page. It’s similar to the Japanese Shiratake noodle to me. Do koreans eat that as well? If so, what do you call it?

  10. These are apparently made of sweet potato starch. However, here a noodle made from Mung Bean Starch is very easily available(called glass noodle) – is it possible to use these instead of dangmyeon?

  11. is it only available in korean stores?

  12. Hello,

    Did you know how to make the starch noodle (homemade)?
    Thx for advance

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