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Toasted sesame seeds

Bokkeun-kkae 볶은깨

Toasted sesame seeds add a bright nutty flavor to many dishes in Korean cuisine. You can get pre-toasted sesame seeds in a Korean grocery store or buy dried raw sesame seeds (cham-kkae: 참깨) and toast them at home. Even if you buy pre-toasted seeds in the store, you can give them a quick toasting at home to revitalize their flavor.

In a Korean grocery store, toasted seeds are always labelled “toasted sesame seeds” but raw sesame seeds are simply labelled “sesame seeds,” without specifying that they are raw or untoasted. Be careful to buy the right ones!


sesame seeds

Korean sesame seedsRaw sesame seeds on the left and toasted sesame seeds on the right

Recipes that use toasted sesame seeds (bokkeun-kkae):



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