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"What is the Korean for Kangaroo? Perhaps a language lesson, too."
in Chris’ Korean-language Dakbokkeumtang video! — Jun/13

"This is nice of both CJ foods and you. Thanks, Jonathan"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11

"I really enjoyed this report and hearing about how your young family has benefited from Maangchi's great recipes. Every dish looks delicious!!!"
in Kristi J. Shaffer — Feb/11

"Maangchi, I've really enjoyed watching your videos for a few years. I've shown you videos to friends who've visited and we all waive good-bye at the end. When they come over again they waive "Hi Maangchi" at the beginning. [laugh] you must be infective. Regards, Jonathan"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"I approve of the ghostly white guy. You two, with both your good looks, will hopefully have gorgeous or handsome baby girls or boys together. Sorry if embarassed you. Have you experimented with cardamom spice. The Danish seem to be unique in Europe in liking, although it may appear in some liquors elsewhere in Scandanavia, but not in sweet and savory dishes like in Denmark. It's distantly related to the ginger family (but you use only the seeds and seed pods rather than the root) so it might have some cross-over appeal for a new Korean-Danish fusion cuisine. Something to experiment with. Your food looks great."
in Mina Kim — Dec/10

"What a nice family. When is dinner? Just kidding."
in Olivia Gauthier — Oct/10