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"hello maangchi! "i'm in!" ... hahaha .. thank you so much for having this contest.. it would be really nice to have your cook book to look at.. i've been printing out recipes from your website...there are so many i had to use a file to store them! lol .. love every single of your awesome recipes~ thank you <3 Kelly"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Mar/11

"alright! thanks loads for the quick reply..i shall make it for lunch tomorrow then =)"
in Chive pancake (Buchujeon: 부추전) — May/10

"would it affect the dipping sauce if i use balsmic vinegar?"
in Chive pancake (Buchujeon: 부추전) — May/10

"i just watched your video on youtube and i came over the minute i saw that you've updated with the full recipe XD omg the pictures look amazingly mouth watering maangchi! =D ... can't wait to try this recipe out for my housemates when we move in next semester..hopefully they'll be game enough to try my cooking hehe thanks loads for the all these wonderful recipes ^^"
in Skewered pancakes with vegetables and beef (Pasanjeok) — May/10

"thanks maangchi, the eggs turned out delicous..it was really easy and quick to make! i took a picture of it and have shared it in the flickr pool ^^"
in Korean rolled omelette (Gyeran-mari: 계란말이) — May/10

"hie maangchi! i made kimchi chigae today..it turned out awesome ^^ ..already posted a pic of it in the pool in flickr .. tried out kong ma mol last week, and it turned out really delicous as well..also posted a pic on flickr =) thanks for the amazing recipes ~"
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — May/10

"I have trouble finding seaweed for samgak kimbap as well..i tried 2 asian supermarkets already and both do not have it. They only have the type for regular kimbap and sushi.. there is another asian store but i don't think i'll have time to go there till after my exams..if i still can't find them, looks like the chances of me trying to make samgak kimbap in belfast is quite bleak.. lol .. will have to wait till i return to malaysia XD"
in Seaweed for samgak-gimbap — Apr/10

"hie maangchi, i'm very interested in trying this recipe out..thing is, i don't have corn syrup..is it ok to replace it with honey or sugar? thanks! =D"
in Spicy stir-fried fish cakes (Eomuk-bokkeum) — Apr/10

"i was reading through the recipe and noticed i have all the ingredients for the spicy steamed egg! so having the urge to want to rush to the kitchen to try making it now (it's 12.25am as i type) ..lol ! gonna try it first thing in the morning..thanks loads for the awesome recipes maangchi =)"
in Korean rolled omelette (Gyeran-mari: 계란말이) — Apr/10

"thanks loads for the recipe maangchi! i'll be taking this recipe home with me to malaysia to try...anchovies are a lot cheaper and the variety is wider compared to belfast =) fingers crossed my family will like it ^^"
in Stir-fried dried anchovies and peanuts (Myeolchi-bokkeum: 멸치볶음) — Apr/10

"haha XD i'll be going to the asian supermarket again tomorro to get materials for samgak kimbap..i'm contemplating on getting a pack of the korean frozen cut rice cakes to try again XD ..unless there are rod ones which i overlooked .."
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Apr/10

"hie maangchi! i tried making this yesterday, and it turned out awesome! i have never tried deonjang chigae before,so i wasn't sure if i got it right, but i sure liked what i tasted XD ... also i didn't have a ceramic pot so i used my regular metal pot..and i couldn't find squash or a zucchini so i replaced with a cucumber haha ... thanks loads for your wonderful recipes maangchi..my next adventure's going to be cabbage soup and samgak kimbap..wish me luck =D"
in Fermented soybean paste stew mixed with fresh salad (Doenjang-jjigae geotjeori bibimbap) — Apr/10

"hie maangchi! i tried out the recipe and i love it =D .. though sauce didn't turn as sticky as your video..it did turn thick but just not as thick as yours .. wonder if it's cos i used too few rice cakes? oh and also i'd like to ask if it will be any difference if i use rice cakes from china and rice cakes from korea? i added hard boiled eggs with my ddeokbokki ..cos i love eggs XD thanks loads for the recipe maangchi =)"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Apr/10

"hie maangchi =) i tried making bulgogi with your recipe a 2 weeks ago, it was so yummy(i had extra leftover in the fridge, a few times while waiting for the water to boil for tea i sneak a slice or 2 outta the fridge to nibble XD) .. i liked it so much, i bought another pack of beef to make another batch XD .. they go so well with almost anthing =D thanks for the recipe <3"
in Kimchi fried rice (Kimchi-bokkeumbap) — Apr/10

"hie maangchi!! i love your recipes! they are just so easy to follow! i've looked up recipes frm others sources but they just don't "follow through" as comfortably as yours ^^ .. i'll be trying this recipe out this weekend..and i love eggs so i might take a tip from one of your comment replies and add acouple =D thank you for all your wonderful recipes =)"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Apr/10