Sali's comments

"I grew up eating a rice and barley mix! I always use broken barley grains, this way you don't need to soak. :) Just wash and put it in the rice cooker. So easy! Sometimes I also use oat grains. Greetings from Finland. <3"
in Multigrain Rice (Japgokbap) — Sep/17

"Hey Maangchi! Can I use pumpkin or apple for this recipe? :)"
in Squash rice cake (Hobaktteok) — Sep/15

"I would also like to know this. For me it is not allergy, but simply the fact that squid doesn't exist in my cold, cold country. :( It is not sold frozen either. I went to the fish counter this morning and bought bream. It is a tasty fish, but full of tiny bones. So it is very good for recipes like this where the meat is processed - no more tiny bones! Please let me know if it is possible to make this without squid!"
in Fish cakes (Eomuk) — Apr/14

"This looks really tasty. Looks like the little green pancakes we have around here, although the ingredients are different. Ours are made with flour and spinach, or nettle! There are also orange pancakes, with carrot... Now I want to make a pancake feast with different colored pancakes. Thank you for this recipe Maangchi!"
in Korean potato pancakes (Gamjajeon) — Mar/13

"I love hot ginger tea! This way of making it was new to me, but it is very handy. Now I can make a bigger batch and not have to grate ginger every time I want tea."
in Ginger tea (Saenggangcha) — Sep/12

"I made these with my brother, we had a lot of fun while cooking them. Easy and delicious! We made a simple "poor student" version without garlic and sesame oil, and left out the extra salt because canned tuna already has a lot of flavor. Also, we made a discovery... to make delicious tuna burgers, put these pancakes between slices of toasted bread. :D So versatile, and easy! Thank you Maangchi!"
in Tuna pancakes (Chamchijeon) — Sep/12

"Oohh, this looks similar to one of my favorite foods, herring steaks. Instead of fish fillets we use whole small Atlantic herrings, which are cleaned and then spread out flat like a steak. The bones are so small that they melt during cooking. Now I can try a Korean version of my favorite food, oh happy day! :)"
in Breaded cod fillets (Daegujeon) — Jul/12

"I love all of your vegetable pancake recipes! They are really great to make in the summer, when there are fresh vegetables everywhere. I forgot to add sugar into the batter but the onion tasted so sweet I didn't even notice it. :) Your wild green onions are so cute!"
in Pajeon (Green onion pancake) — Jul/12

"Oh! I made this today without even knowing it was an actual recipe. :D I just had some cooked soybeans left over and thought "these would be really tasty in a thick sauce". I didn't use garlic and possibly used less sugar than here. I also used a little potato starch to thicken it because I was impatient and hungry, haha. Otherwise it's the exact same thing. Amazing. I had it with rice and steamed vegetables. Delicious~"
in Braised Soybeans (Kongjorim) — Jun/12

"I was just thinking "oh it's been so hot lately, I want to try making this" so I got the soybeans and let them soak overnight. But it had been raining all night, so it's not hot at all anymore, lol. Instead, I made the broth and had it with my morning porridge. Usually I use just regular milk but this was so delicious I might switch to soymilk permanently. :D"
in Soy milk noodle soup (Kongguksu) — Jun/12

"This recipe is so useful! It feeds even a large number of people easily. Starch noodles are very hard to find here, but even without them it's so delicious! There are never any leftovers when I make this. Thank you Maangchi for this recipe! :D"
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Jun/12

"I made these yesterday, they were a huge success! I couldn't leave the house to go to the store, so I used a different filling... I used chicken, ginger, chinese cabbage, mushrooms, a little onion and sweet spring cabbage. Maybe not very authentic but tasted great~~ I didn't have a big steamer so I could only do 4 buns at a time. I kept the rest in the fridge (I had 4 steaming racks) and took them out in time so that they rose while the previous batch was cooking. My buns turned out fluffy and delicious. :) Thank you for the recipe! I want to make these again soon."
in Steamed pork buns (Jjinppang-mandu) — Jun/12