Dried anchovies

Mareun-myeolchi 마른멸치

Dried anchovies are sold sorted by size, and come in a package, plastic bag, or box.

Smaller anchovies are usually served as a snack by toasting them with soy sauce, sugar, and hot pepper paste to make the side dish myeolchibokkeum. Larger myeolchi are used in the stock of many Korean dishes like sundubu-jjigae.

Store in a zipper-lock bag or airtight container in the freezer. Before using larger anchovies, remove the heads and guts (the black innards).

dried anchovies

Personally I like to eat the larger dried anchovies by themselves (after removing the heads and intestines, or course : )). I dip them in hot pepper paste and eat them with rice. Very delicious! The tiny bones of myeolchi contain a lot of calcium and are really good for you.


Medium dried anchovies on the top shelf, and large anchovies on the lower shelf

Tiny little anchovies
dried anchoviesmyulchi

Large dried anchovies



Recipes that use dried anchovies (mareun-myeolchi):



  1. scanese Asunción, Paraguay joined 10/18 & has 1 comment

    Hello Maangchi! Do dried anchovies go bad when stored properly inside the freezer? I have some that are about 10 months old and I’m not sure if I should already throw them away.

  2. Chocu55 Germany joined 9/18 & has 10 comments

    hello maangchi
    can i use anchovies powder for tteokbokki instead of dried anchovies? if yes how much powder for 7 anchovies?

  3. BeelzeBabe Finland joined 9/18 & has 6 comments

    Hi Maangchi! What could I do to replace the dried anchovies in this recipe? Unfortunately, there are no Korean stores in my area, and due to regulations, few Amazon vendors ship here. Dangnabbit! Do you think I might get a similar taste out of tinned anchovies, or perhaps a combination of fish sauce + fish stock cube?

    I love this recipe, it’s got everything you could possibly want – potatoes and onions and fermented veggies, and a good, tasty stock! Fishy bits or no fishy bits, I’m really looking forwards to trying this to keep the cold out this autumn. :)

  4. Berry Pearl of the orient seas joined 7/17 & has 3 comments

    Hi Maangchi! Are dried anchovies salty?

  5. peckish Lyon joined 3/18 & has 1 comment

    Hi Maangchi – I love your website and your cookbook, but I have had an impossible time finding dried anchovies. I finally found some in a Korean shop I just discovered in the nearby city (hooray!), and was excited to prepare them. But when I got home to my book and your website, they seem to be “the wrong size”, because all the recipes are for either the little ones (tiny little things) or the big soup ones, which are much bigger in the pictures, but mine are a little over an inch long, the middle-size. How should I use them? I can take their heads off, but when I try to remove their guts they just break into pieces, because they are very dry. What do you do with medium-sized dried anchovies? Maybe it’s best to use them for soup? Should I soak them forst so I can get the guts out? Thank you so much for your help, and for everything you teach us :-)

  6. ColbyLee24 NSW, Australia joined 11/17 & has 3 comments

    Hi Maangchi, I would like to know If I can use pre packed anchovy stock bag, approximately 10g, would this be sufficient to use in any stock recipe, or will it need more flavour?
    Thank-you Maangchi!

  7. adamchrissy UK joined 6/17 & has 2 comments

    Do dried anchovies be cooked or heated before eating them as a snack?
    is it safe to eat them without cooking and what nutrients do they have when eaten this way?

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