Salted fermented shrimp

Saeujeot 새우젓

A variety of salted and fermented seafood (jeotgal) is used in Korean cuisine, and salted fermented shrimp is a common and versatile ingredient. It has a deep flavor, so it’s used to season many Korean dishes in place of salt. Many Koreans include salted fermented shrimp in their kimchi paste when making kimchi. Buy it in Korean grocery stores and store it in the fridge. It will keep for 6 months.


salted shrimp

Salted shrimp

Recipes that use salted fermented shrimp (saeujeot):


  1. mattbjorkman Raceland, Louisiana, USA joined 3/23 & has 1 comment

    The asian store I shop at has big assortment but I only see shrimp sauce and shrimp paste. Can that be used instead?

  2. ckoreana8 texas joined 9/11 & has 1 comment

    Hi maangchi I have a jar of salted shrimp that says the best use by date of year 2020 does that mean it goes bad? Or does it get extra xtra fermented like kimchi. It’s unopened and fridgerated . I’m hoping you can tell me what you think

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