I live in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

surprisingly, it’s easy to find korean ingredients here in KL. any Jaya Jusco outlet especially in Sunway Pyramid (for Subang Jaya, Bandar Sunway & Kelana Jaya area), Midvalley Megamall (Bangsar, Petaling Jaya area) One Utama & Ikano Center (Bandar Utama, Damansara area). the words (in bracket) are major cities that have Korean residence.

Jaya Jusco has an Asian section most items are imported from the original countries. they also put up labels in english so that muslims can read to be sure of the ‘halal’ness. read carefully & don’t confuse with Japanese products.

Bandar Sunway & Subang Jaya have a lot of foreign students (including Korean) living here, so it’s easy to buy a packet of ramyun even from a small grocery shop like Parkway & Herbs n Food. SS15 Subang Jaya is the easiest place to find Korean ingredients except rice cakes (for cooking ddukbokki)

Hope this helps. Happy cooking!


  1. Farah_N Malaysia joined 10/11 & has 1 comment

    hello there..

    u see..i want to make ddeok and hobakjuk (i’m craving for pumpkin) but the thing is.. i can’t really find the mochiko sweet rice flour around here..so i am wondering can we just substitute the flour with our Malaysian plain rice flour (tepung pulut) ? because we are making some of our local dish using the tepung pulut (e.g ondeh2) and i think it is somehow glutinous too.. does it has difference? i live in shah alam..to go to Ampang just for a rice flour is quite hard.. =)

    • AMYC98 Malaysia joined 8/12 & has 4 comments

      Actually sweet rice flour is known as glutinous rice flour (tepung pulut) and rice flour is (tepung beras), the difference between the flours is the texture, (tepung pulut) is more sticky and is glutinous. You can try finding in nearby mini market .(e.g. Indian market)

  2. iynn512 KL, Malaysia joined 9/11 & has 1 comment

    anyone knew where to buy edible flowers in malaysia, specifically in kuala lumpur? i went to lotte mart ou but i don’t think they sell edible flowers… i really2 wanna make hwajeon… :)

    • hanabanana KL, Malaysia joined 11/09 & has 9 comments

      Hi iynn512,
      sorry for the late reply. I guess it’s hard to find such ingredients due to its shelf life. try Malaysian own edible flower – butterfly pea or bunga telang. I reckon there are other types of edible flowers available here. try and look around

  3. VIPhottest malaysia ,subang jaya joined 8/11 & has 2 comments

    Someone help meee ! i live in Subang Jaya , and I know Carrefour Subang jaya sells gochujang and doenjang ,but do they sells rice cakes and hot pepper flakes ? please help me :( im making ddukboki and maybe kimchi after RAYA :D so ,help meeee ! :(

    • VIPhottest malaysia ,subang jaya joined 8/11 & has 2 comments

      I live in ss19 , subang jaya . ampang is too far for me . help ??

      • hanabanana KL, Malaysia joined 11/09 & has 9 comments

        Hi VIPhottest
        You can go to Mont Kiara there’re Lotte Mart and Seoul Mart. Fresh ddeok & frozen ddeok are available there as well as gochugaru and other dry stuff. you can also find odaeng and perilla leaves there.

        There’s a Lotte Mart in One Utama they also sell fresh long uncut ddeok there. FYI hot pepper flakes is similar to our own coarse chili pepper

        Or since you live nearby, we can meet up and pass some of the ingredients to you. I usually buy the ingredients in bulk. My pantry is well stocked with Korean ingredients. what say you?

  4. adlais Kuala Lumpur joined 8/11 & has 1 comment

    Hi Malaysians,
    Been to Phil Mart. Went there to buy gochugaru and cabbage to make kimchi. To any other Malaysians who want to buy Korean ingredients, go to Ampang and you’ll find Korean marts and restaurants stretched along Jalan Mamanda.
    I really wanted to buy gochujang and doenjang and actually had found it at Phil Mart but at that time i doubt it was halal because it may or may not contains alcohol. FYI, they do sell deok too. :)

  5. To hanabanana, thanks for the info. I stay in Shah Alam, yup, next door from you. :) And my daughter is also called Hannah-banana. :D

    To Maangchi, I am very grateful with all the recipes, it’s fun choosing what to eat with the kids. Family favourite is definitely the mixed rice and kimbap. Thank you!

  6. I’m a Muslim, too. I would like to know if alcohol was added to the black bean paste and the gochujang during the fermentation process.

    I love Korean food. The best I’ve had is in Brunei in a restaurant called Kimchi. They even have the BBQ tables. Sadly, I don’t think there are any halal Korean restaurants here in Malaysia that does that. :(

    I’m going to Brunei next week, will try to take a photo of the restaurant and submit it here. :)

  7. TheNajihah96 malaysia joined 12/10 & has 2 comments

    can i get rice cake in Jaya Jusco Sunway pyramid ? and ,all the ingredient to made rice cake are halal for muslim ? im muslim , i wanna cook dduk bok ki soo badly :(

    • hanabanana KL, Malaysia joined 11/09 & has 9 comments

      hello, jusco sunway pyramid has no longer sell them.
      if u wanna buy the ingredients just go to ampang. rice cake is made from rice & there’s no lard or pork added to it. gochujang or hot pepper paste is just chili sauce similar to our own ‘cili boh’ but better..to me it’s safe enough for me to eat & check out the recipe https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ddukbokkie if it’s safe for you then go ahead.. have fun cooking! i know i’ve enjoyed it for 2 years now

      in muslim beliefs once you have doubt in the ingredients then it’s considered not halal for you to eat anymore.. & if you have strict rules about eating fermented food then i guess it’s not safe for you to eat them either.

      hint: goto Ampang Avenue near Depalma Hotel.. Ampang=Koreatown

  8. sjkyusaranghae malaysia joined 10/10 & has 2 comments

    @hanabanana @ maangchi..hello..thanks for the link fr the shop….i will ask my father to bring me there soon^^ i have a few question…all the ingredient for hot n spicy rice cake are “halal” for muslim??? coz i’m a muslim n i wanna eat hot n spicy rice cake badly….n one more guestion…can i find all the ingredient for hot n spicy rice cake in ampang (korea town) in the same shop????

    p/s: hope u can answer me as soon as possible…again thanks for ur help..

    • hanabanana KL, Malaysia joined 11/09 & has 9 comments

      hello.. as you know teokbokki recipe does not contain any source of meat, pork or lard.. if you plan to cook teokbokki, to me it’s safe coz the ingredients are made from plants. example, the ddeok is pounded rice & gochujang is fermented chili & beans sauce.
      but whatever you do, don’t buy the instant ready made sauce. i’m not sure whether it’s 100% halal.

      there’s a lot of Korean mart in ampang especially nearby ampang avenue at Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1. there are lots of grocery store lined up. so u dont have to worry if one shop doesn’t have an ingredient u need. just step to the next store.

      *i took this photo at Phil Mart, a cornerlot shop, has a huge sign & impossible for you to miss it.

  9. hanabanana KL, Malaysia joined 11/09 & has 9 comments

    Hello, I posted this a year ago. Nowadays Jusco Pyramid sells simpler products like Milkis soda, ramyeon & ready made teokbokki sauce. My go to shop now is One Utama Lotte Mart as the choices are much wider.
    At one point Carrefour Subang Jaya also sells Korean ingredients like gochujang & doenjang but somehow after a few months they only sell sweets & snacks. So, if you want to buy ingredients that available consistently, you can go to Ampang aka Koreantown. FYI sweet rice flour is a regular tepung pulut.

  10. Multiexponential Malaysia joined 8/10 & has 3 comments

    Can you specific where can i buy those stuff? I couldn’t find Sweet Rice Flour and Hot pepper Powder in Jaya Jusco in Sunway Pyramid! Your help is most appreciate! Thanks!

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