Although smaller than the nearby H-Mart megagrocery, this grocery has approximately the same impressive selection and dense variety of items, only in a smaller, more efficient and less bustling package.

A notable distinction is the convenient ‘corridor of refrigerators’ that has an awesome selection of kimchi and banchan ranging from small jugs to gigantic glass cisterns of napa cabbage. The refrigerated section includes a good number of some Japanese and Chinese side-dishes as well.

Cons: The produce section of M-mart is tiny, and cannot compare to H-Mart’s.

Also, in a similar manner to H-Mart, there is a co-located but separate bakery, utensil shop? (pots, pans, asian style lunch boxes, knives, etc), and a ‘ladies’ shop (perfumes, cosmetics, OTC drugs, socks, etc).

For reference, (since Google Maps is not smart enough to know where “M mart” is) the grocery is located in a strip mall next to the Havana Sauna on S. Havana Street and E. Evans Avenue, along with Korean BBQ, an enormously popular (and awesome) restaurant in Denver / Aurora.

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