Seoul Oriental Market

Seoul Oriental Market in Flint, Michigan
This is a great little Korean market with a really friendly staff–it reminds me of the markets I shopped at while living in Korea! I love coming here for all the ingredients I need to cook Maangchi’s awesome recipes!




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  1. Suzykanoozy Upper Penninsula, MI joined 11/13 & has 2 comments

    I love every thing about this store, I miss it so very much that when I go down state it is the most important store I go to. It takes 6 hours. The prices keep me coming back because otherwise I would have to go to Lansing. There’s a great oriental market over by Trowbridge there where the Korean restaurants are, but the prices don’t compare. I hope this store never leaves my home area. I wish there were some Korean establisments in Northern Michigan, there is Thai in da U.P. One in Munising, and one in St. Ignas. But it’s just not Korean……..

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