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    Anyone else watching Anthony Bourdain eating san nakji in flushing?




    Nope, but I see the same episode of him exploring NYC’s outer boroughs is on again later. Thanks, I’ll be watching it later.



    I love No Reservations! Anything to do with food, really. Fill us in on details if you ever go to that place in Flushing.



    I want to go to this place I amy have to make a quick weekend trip to NY for this. Has anyone else been?

    Sik Gaek Restaurant

    Tony meets up with chef David Chang in Flushing, Queens. They visit Sik Gaek, an eating and drinking joint that is best described as the Korean equivalent of an izakaya. At night the line goes around the corner. Sik Gaek’s biggest (literally) specialty is called a cheolpan — a monster-sized seafood hot pot that sizzles and boils right at the table. House specialties include live octopus, intestines and every shellfish imaginable.

    Address: 161-29 Crocheron Ave., Flushing, Queens, NY 11358



    I have to admit, I find Anthony Bourdain a bit much to take. He just seems so full of himself. I find it hard to care.

    Anyway here’s part one of the ep:

    But I’m all about the Queens. I love Queens, and the food is great. No surprise he’s doing a show from there.

    Never been to that spot, but here’s some reviews on Yelp:

    I’m going to check it out, too. Let you know what I find, if anything.



    Wow standford. My mom just told me about this show. She’s coming to visit in two weeks and is determined to go to this place lol. If you go there before then let me know what you think of the place.

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