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      Ok, I am confused. I usually buy dried anchovies in a plastic bag from the Korean market. They are just hanging there, in the middle of isle 4.

      Yesterday I went to get some things from the K store and I discovered a huge selection of dried anchovies in the refrigerator section. Some boxes have “keep frozen” printed on them. I asked at the store and the folks there did not know the difference — they are both dried anchovies. But they did tell me the ones in the refrigerator must be kept in the refrigerator, not stored at room temp.

      Does anyone know the difference between a dried anchovy from a room temp plastic bag and a dried anchovy from a refrigerated box?

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      You can choose either one, they are the same dried anchovies. When they are shipped from Korea, they come frozen, but the store may display them outside the freezer to make a nice display.

      You can buy either one, but whichever you buy, you should store in the freezer.

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      Thank you. I will toss my bag of anchovies into the freezer.

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      Iris W

      Yes, I’ve used them and found no difference whatsoever

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      sorry, newbie here. If you can’t find LARGE anchovies, dried or dried and freezed, can you use a good fish sauce instead, or maybe use nano salted and dried anchovies. those i can find easy.
      tks for your opinions!

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