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      I tried to make homemade kimchi for the first time today using maangchi’s “easy kimchi” recipe. everything looks beautiful except:

      1. I didn’t use the squid

      2. I couldn’t find korean pepper flakes so had to settle with my mom’s red pepper powder (paprika?)

      anyway I know maangchi said you could eat it right away or let it store in the fridge if you wanted it to become sour..storing it outside will let it ferment faster..I let it store in the fridge and after about 1 hour in the fridge I wanted to taste it. of course it wasn’t sour yet ( I think maangchi said if you keep it in the fridge it should take 1 day to ferment and get sour?) but it was also a bit bitter and grainy. will this just go away once it has properly fermented in a day or so?

      I’m worried that it was due to my using the wrong kind of pepper powder :( I put a lot of effort into making this and it did take 2 hours and a half lol

      thanks for any feedback

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      also btw it turned out not to be very spicy..should I add more red pepper powder now or is it bad to add more when the kimchi is already starting to ferment? as in adding it after everything’s already been sitting in the fridge for a bit?

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      i wouldnt recommend tempering with kimchi which is already fermented. if there is still a good amount of paste, it should be okay to mix some more pepper flakes in it.

      just try and see for yourself. kimchi making is a live long learning process and every mistake makes more experience.

      kimch was too grainy? what do you mean grainy?

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      how come some kimchi in restaurants taste a little sweeter ??

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      The use of paprika likely had something to do with it. The flavor of paprika is very different from the flavor of the Korean pepper flakes. Lower quality or stale paprika can often have a bitter taste as well. Check out some websites that sell Korean food/spices. The Korean pepper flakes usually don’t cost much and are worth buying.

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      Mying had also a bitter taste, i used all the ingredients maangchi said except for fish sauce, which i couldn’t find, and replaced it with soy sauce.

      The taste is really good, but the aftertaste is really bitter :(

      Will the bitterness go away when the kimchi ferments?

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