How do I remove the kimchi smell out of tupperware?

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    Hi everyone, I made my kimchi last week in one of my tupperware. Now I’ve finish my kimchi then I use the tupperware again to store my biscuits and now my buscuits smell like kimchi :s Please help!



    you can’t.



    you can label that tupperware now: “KIMCHI ONLY”



    thats the thing with kimchi. just be happy, that your fridge doesnt smell like kimchi too… dont try anything like lemon or the box will smell like kimchi and lemon



    lol alright, from now on I’ll use the tupperware for kimchi only. Thanks. :)



    If you want to re-use the container you should use a glass one, that doesn’t absorb the smell at all.



    try vinegar



    really reinier? because I have a glass container that smells completely of kimchi (though then again I haven’t really tried very hard to remove the smell). But perhaps this varies for every container, I don’t know.



    I’ve heard a few methods, but here’s two: making a paste with baking soda and coating the inside of the container, letting it sit for a day and then rinsing it out. Repeat if necessary. The other one is to use bleach. What I’ve done is rinsing out the container and just letting it sit three or four days filled with liquid soap and water.

    Something to do to help prevent the smells is to spray a little cooking spray over the inside of your container before you add the kimchi; this will also help keep the plastic from discoloring and make it easier to clean. I do that with spaghetti sauce all the time and it makes everything so easy.

    Another thing: if you’re using a very scratched piece of tupperware, it won’t clean as well because bacteria will hide in the scratches.

    Happy cleaning!




    there is a way and i have found.

    it time consuming but gets rid of smell

    Step 1 – cover with generous amount of dishwashing liquid and set a side for 1hour or so. every now and then pick up tupperware and and swirl liquid up the sides again,(like when placing oil in a pan).

    Step 2 – once sides covered in liquid fill to top with hot water and leave overnight.

    step 3 – wash it out, like with you do other dishes.

    step 4 – fill with hot water and set aside for 30mins with out dishwashing liquid, however place 2 table spoons of vinegar into hot water

    step 5 – wash it with dishwashing liquid

    you should have a nice clean and kimchi free smell.



    your tupperware’s been lost to kimchi forever…




    I prefer glass jars, they have no pores unlike tupperware.

    No stains and no smells, in my jars i stored kimchi several times for longer periodes of time and it has no smell after cleaning.

    I clean them by rinsing them with water and just put them in the dishwasher. that’s it!

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