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    Maangchi (or anyone else):

    I bought 1 gal. of cabbage kimchi about 3 months ago and now there are only 2-3 cups remaining at the bottom of the jar. Is it still good? It is still juicy and red-orange and doesn’t look or smell bad in anyway. There are no signs of mould either. Can I still use it even if it’s 3 months old?





    yes. its ok.

    if it’s smells and tastes really sour you can soak it in water for a like 10 minutes, strain it, rinse it, squeeze the water out and then make stuff out of it.



    it’s okay as long as there is no mold. Koreans eat kimchi up to 2-3 years old…….we call it something different but yeah.. the more u ferment, the better it tastes



    kimchee can go bad, lol, but it’s tough to tell. i mean, it’s already a controlled rotting.

    but, you’ll know if it’s finally gone bad if it tastes somewhat tart and fizzy. otherwise, it should be good for a very long time. i agree with koralex that it’s easily still good for a few years, depending on the condition in which it’s stored, of course.



    Store-bought kimchi, if you keep it unopened for a long time will probably burst from the pressure building up inside. If opened and stored in the fridge, it will not last years, but will last weeks.

    After opened, the kimchi will continue to change its taste, from not-all-the-way done (not fermented enough), to done, to getting sour, to sour, to gross and finally to gross/fizz.

    The level of “done-ness” you like and the level of sourness you like are individual preferences.

    In the very-done to sour stages, you can use the kimchi to cook in dishes like stew, pancakes, and to cook with pork belly.



    Actually it depends on what kind of kimchi you like.

    Taste it and if you don’t like it, just throw it away.

    BTW, It might not be possible to do it in a ordinary refrigerator

    (maybe a special Kimchi refrigerator),

    there’s something called Mook eun ji (extra old, fermented Kimchi)

    which is stored for like “years”( commercially 2~3 years )

    and these are regarded as “specialties”

    At this stage of fermentation,

    Kimchi gets a deeper & extra savory taste with less sourness(amazingly) & less smell, making it superb for Jjigae. (it’s uber jjigae)



    My father believes Kimchi never goes bad haha. I don’t understand why he thinks that….

    I found some old Kimchi in my refrigerator once, and I threw it away. My father saw me throwing it away and claimed that the white liquidy mold on top was actually like yogurt, and that its alright to eat it. I threw it away anyways xD


    Ai Leen

    Hello, I made white kimchi, and left it at room temperature for 1 whole day to ferment and then store it in the refrigerator, 1 week later, the liquid turns cloudy, the cabbage leaves are mushy. Is it still edible?




    smell it and if the smell doesnt make you gag, you can probably eat it. 1 week shouldn’t be enough to make kimchi inedible.

    what do you mean with mushy? like dissolved-mushy? or still some crunch left?


    Ai Leen


    Soft mushy but still retain the shape of the leaves



    just try it… as long as it tastes good, eat it… and take a sniff before you try it


    andrea kim

    lol @ hopish and your father :P



    lol hopish. Sounds like my mother. She fusses at me ALL the time when I tell her that I threw out some old kimchi. She always tells me to call her and she’ll come pick it up :P



    My mother also believes no kimchee can ever go bad. Once we even had a batch go slimy…it was so gross, but she tried rinsing it and eating it anyways. Needless to say, I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

    With regular “old” kimchee, we usually make kimchee jigae out of it, but mom sometimes makes ssam with the leaves of whole cabbage kimchee. She rinses all the spice off and we use it just as you would ssam. Very delicious.



    I have never had kimchi go bad. I usually make about 10 lbs of kimchi at a time and this lasts me about 3 months. Towards the end it gets really sour, but still good. I prefer it after the 1st month for, but my neice likes it really sour like around the 3 month.

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