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      Hello all,

      I just made a successful rainbow rice cake found here.

      I used dry rice (no glutenous) flour for this, which is more challenging than with wet flour kind.

      The key is to prepare dough early also need more water obviously. As long as you don’t feel too much water and it can break when held firmly, it should be ok.

      Prepared dough should be kept in refrigerator for overnight. I even kept it for a few days in freezer section and thawed it later this time.

      Then dough is more adapted to be used for rice cake. Once you start making it, then just follow maanghi’s recipe. I find coarse sift works better for me to avoid dryness in the cake. If it is too wet, you can add more flour as you make.

      Maangchi’s recipe here:

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      Thank you very much for the good tip, hobaak!

      btw, hobaak means pumpkin in Korean. : )

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      Thanks so much for the tip! It will be useful for when the Korean market runs out of frozen rice flour and I want to make mujigae ddeok.

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      Greetings! You really help a lot, I was so happy to find your tip. But I have a question:

      How do you prepare dough? just wet the rice flour? how much water?

      Thank you~ Bless you~

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      Thank you for your tip. Do you have prepare dough video? because I don’t know how much water.

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      Really good one thanks for your help.

      Do you prepare any chicken recipe.

      for more recipes visit

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      Thanks a lot Hobak for your tip!!! By the way, as Dmedina wrote do you make the rice flour?? I couldn´t find it at the grocery store so i have to make my own. Also, wich type of rice grain i should use?

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      hi, so i have a few questions about your dough. so when you said you prepared the dough a few days earlier, do you mean you made the flour into dough and then put it into the fridge?or do you mean just putting the flour into the freezer and then thaw it out? sorry but im just very confused.

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      Hi – I came across your picture on Maangchi’s rainbow rice cake…you said that you prepare rice flour from dry rice flour. Can you please tell how did you do that? how much water for one pound bad of dry rice flour? thank you very much in advance. sophie

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