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    Hi Readers,

    I need your advice on making kimbab. My club is participating in a huge fair that our university hold every year in April. We are planning to make Kimbab to sell. We’re going to make the rolls the day/night before, wrap them up individually in plastic wrap, and then hand the whole rolls to people when they buy it. We need to refrigerate it because of food safety reasons. A lot of my friends have expressed concern that the rice will be rock hard if we make it the day before, but I know that we won’t be able to produce as much if we make it the day of on site.

    So, my questions are: Is it okay to make kimbab the day before, and will it taste just fine the next day? Does refrigerating the vinegar-rice change its flavor?

    Also, is the imitation crab meat rather expensive?

    Thanks so much for help! :D


    Thanks! =}

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    kimbap is the most delicious right after it is made. Cooked rice is getting harder at cold temperature, so you should not make kimbap in advance. So if you have to make a large volume of kimbap, you will have to wake up early that day to make it.

    Kimbap that comes out of a refrigerator is not tasty.

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