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    Hello everyone! Ive seen that some people leave the kimchi ferment for 2 days, others for 5 days or even up to 2 weeks. So Im a little confused about how much my kimchi should ferment =)



    Fermentation of Kimchi depends on your room temperature, and the saltiness of your kimchi.

    Mostly, it will take a few days to ferment your kimchi at room temperature. However if you live in a warm country, it may take only 1 day because your room temperature will be higher.

    Another factor that affects your kimchi fermentation will be how salty your kimchi is. If your kimchi is made very salty, it will take longer. My grandmother used to add more salt for her winter kimchi that she had to feed all family during winter time (3-4 months).



    Hi maangchi, thank you for your reply!

    I do live in a warm country but I have them stored in a cool dark place in airtight containers. I made two, one is destined to be eaten raw or with rice and the other one to make Kimchi jjigae.



    Hi, I just made my kimchi yesterday for the first time in my life. In Asia, we can just get it from the supermarket easily. Now I live oversea and craving it, I had to make my own. But I have a question, I made it yesterday, and left it in my kitchken then went to sleep, next morning, I found out my husband put the container in the fridge. I tasted the kimchi, it is SALTY! Like very salty compares to the ones I bought from store. Is it suppose to be like that? Or should I take it out again? What should I do? Or Should I just let it sit for a bit longer?

    Plz answer my question, I hope I didn’t ruined the whole kimchi.




    Your kimchi must be made very salty. Did you follow the recipe on my website tightly? Check the comments under my kimchi recipe. You will read so many good tips for making kimchi.



    I live in California and I’ve been having trouble trying to find those clay pots that you can store kimchi in. do you happen to know of a website in english that sells it or where i can buy one?



    Hi Maangchi,

    Thanks for the reply. As I just found your lovely website today so didn’t have much time to read all of the comments and your replies. Actually I did not follow your recipe. I watched this video from youtube and decided to make it yesterday. Maybe I just didn’t follow the video properly.

    I surfed online today to see if there is any way to save my kimchi. Then I found here :D

    Anyways, I just checked the comments and found the answer I wanted. I will try to put water in my kimchi container.

    I also found I made other mistake, I didn’t put sugar in it XD

    hopefully my next kimchi will turn out perfect.

    Thanks again.



    I’m copying and pasting my answer related to salty kimchi that I made for someone else.
    “If you already made kimchi and it’s too salty, add more radish to the kimchi. Just cut a few radishes into disks and insert them into the salty kimchi. That’s my way to dilute”

    Good luck in making your next batch of kimchi!



    I normally put my kimchi jars in the basement (about 65 degrees) for 3 days, but this last time I decided to try 5 days to see what would happen. I’m so happy I did! I opened them today and they were bubbling like crazy! I think this latest batch tastes a lot better than ones I left for only 3 days, and now I’m thinking I might want to leave them sit for 10 days next time.

    My recommendation is to just experiment. Try 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, whatever. From what I understand, the longer it ferments, the more sour it tastes. I like the sour flavor, but if you don’t like it that sour, then don’t let it go past 3 days. Also, don’t worry about it going bad. If it does goes bad, you WILL know it when you first smell it. If that happens, throw it away, and next time add some shrimp paste and/or fish sauce to aid the fermentation process. Good luck!!



    Hi,Maangchi,can I ask you a question about kimchi,pls?

    I sucessfully made raddish kimchi according to your reciept, now the raddish is almost finished, leaving a lot of kimchi juice in my container. I want to make more this weekend, can I put the salt-soaked raddish into the leftover juice instead of making fresh paste? (the juice smells too nice to pour into sink…)

    give me a shout when you got a second, thanks a million!




    dont throw away the juice, but dont put the raddish into the juice either, since it is already fermented and won’t probably ferment any more.

    use the juice to marinade meat or make soups. or use it as a condiment for ramyon or something. its orange/yellow gold.



    Hi Maangchi,

    If the kimchi is too salty, you suggested adding discs of radish in with the kimchi. Does this radish need to be put in salted water or does it just have to be peeled and cut and placed right into the kimchi container?




    does it just have to be peeled and cut and placed right into the kimchi container?

    Yes, insert the radish discs right into the kimchi.



    dorkielala – I know you asked two years ago, but if you are still reading you can find onngi (the clay pots) on – they sell everything you can’t get outside of Korea and have been very reliable for me – I have bought a sinseollo pan from there, dasik molds, yukgwa molds, and a set of brass royal chopstick/spoon sets – all arrived in NZ in perfect condition and well wrapped.



    Hi Maangchi!

    Do you think adding a teaspoon or two of live yoghurt to kimchi would accelerate the fermentation?

    I just made a batch of “emergency kimchi”, but I used Huy Fong Foods’ Chili-Garlic sauce instead of doing it from scratch, and I’m guessing it’s pasteurized. I don’t know if that will make a difference in the fermentation, but I’m thinking maybe I could add a spoon of yogurt to be on the safe side.

    They both use varieties of Lactobacillus, albeit different ones, so maybe it would work? What do you think?

    PS: Unfortunately, I can’t find any “live” sauerkraut or kimchi at the store, because they’re also pasteurized.

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