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    For those cooks out there that don’t have ‘fancy’ equipment (i.e. a food processor or means of grating ginger), I present these solutions!

    I kneaded the dough by hand and I found that if the dough was too dry and crumbly, wetting my hands while kneading added the perfect amount of water. In all I suppose I added 3 teaspoons of water. I also added a bit more ginger juice since I like a very gingery cookie.

    A note on the ginger juice: I saw someone wondering how they could extract juice if they didn’t have a grater and I came up with a solution. Finely mince a piece of ginger the size of your palm and place in a 1/3 cup size measuring cup with two pinches of salt. Place a 1/4 cup size measuring cup inside of the 1/3 cup size and balance something heavy on top, like a big book or a small saucepan filled with water. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so, then squeeze the ginger until no more juice runs out. It should give you a tablespoon or so of liquid.

    I also made the liquid with corn syrup and honey in addition to the simple syrup because I didn’t want the sugar to burn (I am notorious for that).

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    I use pasta machine for thinner cookies…

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    I wish I had a pasta machine because it would’ve been perfect. I don’t even have a rolling pin, though, so I wound up using a washed-out pickle jar. xD

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    I prefer plain cookies but my kids love sweet version.I found that plain cookies stay crispier longer.This s my fav cookies…

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    A very easy solution to the dough is to purchase square shaped dumpling wrappers from a Chinese store. Cut them into thirds and then make the slits and fry them. For the ginger juice, put it in the sugar syrup instead of the dough. It’s a nice replacement and tastes just as great! Good luck!

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