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      I love Maangchi’s kimchi and have made it seven or eight times now, and I love trying her kimchi recipes. However, one issue I keep running into is that I never seem to get much liquid in my kimchi. I’ve seen Maangchi pull out containers with lots of juice, and many of her kimchi based recipes will use some amount of kimchi as well as extra juice, but my batches never seem to get much. It’s well preserved and fermented, I’ve had fresh batches or more fermented, sour batches sit in my fridge for over a year and been delicious and preserved still. Any idea as to what I’m doing wrong? Am I maybe letting too much liquid come out during the salting process? Should or could I add some liquid to help create more juice for recipes?

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      Your 1 year old kimchi is still good and crispy, it sounds like you are good at making delicious kimchi!
      But I prefer kimchi without much brine especially for my winter kimchi. I use a lot more salt and drain for a long time so that the kimchi won’t have much brine and will last a long time. When kimchi has lots of brine, it will be easily go soggy even though you still can eat it.
      So, if you like to make your kimchi more juicy, salt the cabbage for a shorter time so it keeps more of its moisture when you make kimchi with it. Then your kimchi will have lots of brine. Or drain the salted and rinsed cabbage for a shorter time and don’t squeeze it tightly at all.

      Regarding not enough kimchi brine, we have already talked about the topic on the forum and I answered. Check this out, please.

      not much kimchi juice

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