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      Hello! My name is Jazmine and I love the Korean Rainbow rice cake! Ever since I had it, I have wanted to make it! I found maangchi’s page (https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/mujigae-ddeok) on how to make it so I bought as close as I could get to the materials she used. Sadly for my steamer at home I could only fit a four inch spring form! Also I did not use frozen rice powder but just bought sweet rice powder. In the end, it turned out great!! (I’ll post a picture for everything soon)

      So here is a way to do it with any color you’d like! It is slightly different than maangchi’s but it came out well! XD Here’s what I did!

      ×Steamer/ Rice cooker
      ×4 inch spring form
      ×Decent size cotton cloth
      ×Food dye for each desired color
      ×Sifter(type with squeeze/turn handle or grid bowl)
      ×1 cup of UNfrozen rice powder
      ×Desired flavors for each color in form of powder or liquid
      ×Vegetable oil (optional)

      1. Add about 5 cups of water to steamer
      2. Dampen cotton cloth and place over steamer
      3. Take out bottom of spring form and rub inside with vegetable oil and then place into center of steamer

      -Prepare colored layers-
      The amount of water to add can vary depending on the chosen flavoring type be it a liquid or powder. Keep in mind steps 7+8
      4. 1/4 powder into bowl
      5. 1 table spoon sugar into same bowl
      6. Add small pinch of salt into same bowl
      (Powder) 7.Add 1 teaspoon of powder
      flavoring to SAME bowl
      (Powder) 8. Add 4 teaspoons of water to separate bowl
      (Liquid) 7. Add 1 teaspoon liquid
      flavoring to SEPARATE bowl
      (Liquid) 8. Add 3 teaspoons of water to separate bowl
      9. Add desired drop of food dye into separate bowl and stir
      10. Mix the separate bowl contents into the main bowl contents and stir
      11. Use hands to mush the lumps out as shown in maangchi’s video
      12. Once a good texture (kind of like moonsand) pour into sifter and sift ingredients into spring form
      13. Use a spoon to spread evenly the powder and lightly
      14. **Very Important** PUSH down the contents into a nice smooth layer
      15. Then start the next layer until completed.

      These ingredients will create 4 layers of color if only 1 cup of rice powder is available. If you have more ingredients and want more layers of color just repeat steps 4-14 until edge of spring form

      Alright! I hope this was helpful! If anyone has any questions I answer the beat I can! Thanks for reading!

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      Lastly! Almost forgot! #16. Cook for 30 mins. The longer its cooked the more sticky/mushy it’ll be! So if you prefer a bit dryer then do less time :)

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      Timothy in the kitchen

      You know what they say about apple cake and caramel frosting and making it just a little bit better?? Well, yes.

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      For a long time, I was actually searching rainbow rice cake recipe on the internet and saw your recipe. That was so superb, and I have started making this rainbow cake by following your recipe. And that’s really yummy!

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