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      Hey Everyone!

      Ever wanted to make Maangchi’s Rainbow rice cake but went all around in search for frozen rice flour needed for the recipe and ended up with only dry rice flour? Haha don’t worry! you’re not alone ;) that happened to me too! And I’m sure alot of others as well!

      I decided to search for substitutes and came across https://www.maangchi.com/talk/topic/how-to-make-rainbow-rice-cake-with-dry-rice-flour

      Indeed it was helpful! However it did not say what is meant by a “dough”. So I decided to experiment a bit!

      I ended up with the finish product shown here:


      (Hehe, I decided to have some fun while eating it)

      So basically, you need to make your own frozen rice flour!


      10cups of flour (you’ll find there will be some left over which you can store in the freezer and use later)with water*

      *Amount of water varies, you need enough water for the flour to pack together when firmly clasped between your hand but still able to break apart with a light tap

      as shown in 6:57 in maangchi’s video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26e_NGOHo18&feature=player_embedded#at=281

      Too dry?-Put more water!

      Too wet?-Put more flour!

      Then put it in the freezer at least overnight and then follow maangchi’s recipe for method and amount of dry ingredients,I used the “firmly clasp and tap” method to figure out the amount of wet ingredients.

      If you want the colour for your rainbow to be more intense, add more colouring but less water!(Applies if you’re using liquid food colouring, gel food colouring shouldn’t water down your product) :)

      Have fun with your rainbow creations! :)

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      Thank you so much! I am learning from you because I didn’t think you could make rice cake with dried rice flour! If you want to share your mujigaeddeok photo with more people, upload it here. https://www.maangchi.com/photos/upload

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      Check this out. Our reader Dr.moongyeunyoung made her beautiful rainbow rice cake with dried rice flour! She got the idea of using dried rice flour from you MishTURTLE! https://www.maangchi.com/photo/rainbow-rice-cake#comment-27409

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      wow your instructions helped me out a lot with defining what the other posters meant when they said “dough”…thanks a bunch! :)

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      i try doing this but, it just turn out not right!! :( can you please help me because i really want to make this :( it doesnt look fluffy, it just look the same…… i followed your imformation. i want to ask you, if the rice flour has to turn to dough or does it just has to be wet like in maangchi video??? im so confused!!! please help!!

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      Wow, imagine a native delis can now be made as modern cakes and for sure this taste more natural than any cakes. I would love to try this, but for sure I would face some difficulty but will try, specially we have stacks of rice.


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      Hi, thanks for your tip. However i cannot view your video embedded. could you please put the link again?

      i would like to try this recipe since i watched Feast of the God drama!


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