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      hey, guys.

      maangchi asked me to post my take on this fish sauce substitute, hope you can make use of it. (:

      slice a medium-sized onion in half. add it to a pot with a kelp leaf about the size of your palm and some dried shiitake mushrooms in 2 cups cold water. turn off the heat once you bring the water to a boil. once it’s cooled down, strain the liquid into a container. you can throw away the onion and kelp, but definitely save the reconstituted mushrooms for another dish. add soy sauce to the liquid until it tastes as salty as fish sauce (meaning REALLY salty). if you don’t want the sauce to discolour your dish, use sea salt instead of soy sauce.

      if you want the ‘fish sauce’ to be gluten-free, just use sea salt or gluten-free soy sauce in place of regular soy sauce.

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      Thanks a lot for posting the recipe here. Your recipe will be a big help for those who are looking for substitute for fish sauce!

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      This looks lovely, thanks for posting it!

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      Hey would love to thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe over here. Please keep sharing more.

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      Hey Mina and Maangchi,

      I’m considering making vegan kimchi but I was thinking of giving the umami flavor of the kelp shitake broth by using this broth when making the porridge.

      So for her napa cabbahe kimchi recipe, instead of water plus sweet rice flour, Id use the kelp broth instead. And for the fish sauce, I’d use soy sauce on a 1-1 ratio as the fish sauce amount in her recipe.

      I think that would make this process more straight forward than “adding soy sauce till it’s salty as fish sauce”. Just a thought. Maybe I’ll give it a try this weekend. :)

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      Would soy sauce for soup work better for this? Its more salty and not quite as dark.

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      Excellent! Easy to make and looking so really tasty. l will definitely try this.

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