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Jenny, Jia Xin, and xiangbin

Jenny, living in Singapore, is one of the most passionate students of Korean cooking. She made jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) for her family. Her daughter Jia xin loved it. Jia xin reminds me of myself when I was young. When I had jja jang myeon, my face around my mouth and even around my nose used to be covered with black bean sauce.

2008 May 9 Jia Xin’s photo

Jia xin looks so cute! She will remember the taste of her mom’s jja jang myeon when she grows up.
I love you Jia xin!!!

2010, Nov.11, Jia Xin is making tuna gimbap with her mom Jenny! (She grew up a lot!)

2010, Jan. 19 Jenny and her 2 children: Jia xin and Xiang bin

soybean side dish (kongnamul muchim)

samgak gimbap



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