One day before I left for Mexico City from Puerto Escondido in Mexico, I was sitting near the pool in the hotel. I was surprised to hear a voice coming from behind me. “I heard that you make a very delicious sauce!”

He said he heard about me from his friend who came to my brunch party the other day. His name is Mr.Chuck! While I talked to him, I found out he’s very interested in food and cooking. Not everyone who loves food loves to cook. He and his wife have their own house in Arkansas, USA. They said they come to Puerto Escondido every year and stay for about 3 months during the winter.

“How many years have you come to this beach?”

“22 years!”

Mr.Chuck drives all the way from their house in Arkansas. They usually come right after Christmas and stay there. So I can say they are not exactly travelers when they are in Mexico but they are part-time residents! : ) During the American cold winter, they stay in warm Mexico. What an adventurous couple they are! Surprisingly, they had never bought fresh fish from fishermen even though they came there 22 times!

I asked “Do you want me to prepare fresh fish for you?”

He  and his wife were very happy about my offer. “What shall we bring?”

I asked them: “Can you bring some lettuce and cucumbers?”

I gave them the job to pick up these vegetables – the grocery store is a little far from the beach. They said: “Sure, we have a car, so we can pick them up easily!”

Bev said: “We’re going to bring clean vegetables washed with purified water.” My other friend John also said he would come. He asked: “Do you want me to bring something?”

I said, “Beer?” : )  Deal!

We had a great time during our meal as you see in the video.

Bev was very interested in preparing raw fish meal for her friends. I gave her my leftover ingredients including the dipping sauce (chodoenjang). I told her where to get fresh fish and  where to get the fish fillet.

A few weeks later, I received  an email  from Bev! “Hey! I subscribed to your website! I had a raw fish meal party with the dipping sauce you gave me and it was a big hit! All of my friends loved the sauce and the raw fish meal I prepared for them!”

What a surprise! She’s one of my website subscribers now!  The thing that makes me more excited is that they had a Korean fresh fish dinner 1 day after I left there!

Looking at the table setting made me smile because it  looks identical to mine!  She also said she made my emergency kimchi and she loves the taste! She found a Korean grocery store in her area, Arkansas.

These are the photos that she made for her friends : ) See the cucumber strips in the glass! I prepared cucumber strips that way when I invited them!

I talked to her over the phone before posting this blog. She sent me a few more photos to prove she had a great time with her friends! Yay, Bev! You are awesome! Sharing your food with your friends is such a great idea! I’m very impressed and I wish I could have been sitting there!

The man pointing says, “by the way, Bev’s dinner was awesome!” 


  1. JamieF New Zealand joined 1/11 & has 120 comments

    This is a great article Maangchi – it is great to see the proof that everyone who tries Korean food for the first time loves it :) That has been my experience too so far. You really should be being paid by the Korean as an ambassador for Korean food :)

  2. Mochi joined 5/10 & has 3 comments

    Maangchi! You are the definition of successful for me! Doing what you love, promoting something healthy and good for people’s life, meeting people that share the same passion from all over the world and exchanging ideas! In summary ~> Happy & for a good cause! OH! I almost left out, & pretty too!
    We should have another gathering soon! Let me know! I want to help with the planning!

  3. oksipak California joined 1/11 & has 72 comments

    Right now I’m reviewing Maangchi’s recipes to see what to have for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, while I was browsing the recipes, my husband, unbeknown-st to me, put in a frozen dinner in the oven.

    So in the meantime of waiting for the frozen food to get done, I saw this lovely blog. The dishes look colorful and delicious…sitting here drooling ;). Great story, great friends, and great fun. Korean food converts in Mexico but from Arkansas! What a combo! :)

    Friday, 4/29/11.

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