Hi, Everybody,
I think I should let you know that I updated my jjajangmyun recipe.
I made my jjajangmyeon by following my own recipe a few days ago because a few people pointed out their jjajangmyeon turned out too bland.

I exactly followed the measurements in the recipe and found out some were wrong! I don’t know what happened to me when I wrote down the recipe! If you stick to my video recipe, you might not have noticed anything wrong, but those who followed my written recipe closely would have found the measurements were not clear.

Before I started my cooking video recipe stuff, I had never used universal measurements such as cups, teaspoons, table spoons… I used just my spoon. I still don’t use measurements while I’m cooking my everyday meal. I use measurements only when I make videos. It’s actually difficult for Koreans to measure cups and tbs exactly because some sticky ingredients like hot pepper paste or bean paste are not easy to scoop.

Fortunately I’m getting more accustomed to measuring these days.

I corrected the recipe and already updated it on my website, and also edited the podcast and video to make it clearer. But I can’t do it for YouTube because it doesn’t allow us to replace a video.

I hope those who bought my books read this blog. I will correct the cookbook too.

Anyway, I corrected this:
from 6 cups of water to 3 cups of water
from 2 tbs of black bean paste to 6 or 7 tbs of black bean paste (in the video, I used 2 big spoonfuls of black bean paste which is amount of 6-7 tbs!)

Thank you Linda and Jen! Without your comments, I probably would never have found that I wrote down the wrong measurements.


  1. Thank you for posting up the correct measurements!
    However, when I made your dish, I found no problem whatsoever in the jjajjangmyun (it was pretty delicious too!).
    Keep posting videos! Love em!

  2. I think youtube allows you to delete the video and you can add another one if you want. The new one can have the same name as the old one and you can make it from the same file as your other one, just edit it some so that the measurements are accurate.

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