I selected these 50 excellent photos from the nearly 1000 that were added to my flickr goup over the last 3 years. They are shown in random order, and I chose them based on their popularity at flickr, their view count there, and their ability to make an impression on me.

These photos will be submitted to the contest judges, who’ll score them individually. I’ll tally these scores and find the top 10. I’ll get in contact with these 10 winners for their home addresses, and they’ll have some cool prizes sent to them from Assi. If we can’t contact one of the winners, the prize for that photo will go to the photo with the next highest rating.

Don’t get discouraged if you sent me a photo and it’s not chosen here. Your food may be more delicious than someone who is chosen. As I wrote before, I wish I could give everyone a prize, but I can’t.
You should always be proud of the food you make and enjoy it.

Also, be sure to check out

entrants in the People’s Choice category


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