Korea4me’s Korean cooking

By Maangchi

This morning I got this wonderful video response from Korea4me. She is living in Scotland and she speaks korean very fluently which made me surprised! Besides she is very pretty! :)


I decided to blog about her video with her permission so that my other blog readers will be encouraged to cook their Korean food!

She made bulgogi with rice, kimchi, potato , korean style salads, and spinach side dishes to celebrate her son’s girlfriend’s birthday! What a good person she is! She could be the nicest mother in law in the future. :)




  1. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 11,800 comments

    Bento Pet,
    As you said, I wish you luck with korean cooking! Thanks a lot!

  2. Bento Pet& has 2,259 comments

    Wow! Just found you and what a gem! I’ve just begun enjoying some Korean food at a nearby restaurant near my house and was wondering how to begin cooking those delicious dishes.

    Now I have your You Tube tutorials! Thank you, thank you! I cook lots of Japanese food and there is some similarity, I think.

    Now I have to look for hot pepper paste and hot pepper flakes!

    Wish me luck! I’ll be back!

  3. Korea_4_me& has 2,259 comments

    Thank you, Mangchi, for your kind words. You are amazing!

    Big Love,

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