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Over the years of running my website, many of my readers have let me know that they love making Korean food but they have a problem finding Korean ingredients where they live.

That’s the main reason I started my Korean grocery store section, so we can help each other find Korean grocery stores more easily.

But for many people, they live too far from these stores and shopping online is easiest and best. Unfortunately online shopping for Korean groceries is still very basic and it can be hard to find what you need. Also, a lot of their websites are in Korean or mostly Korean, and can be tricky to use. Over the last few years it has gotten better because some Korean ingredient companies are selling their products on Amazon, which a lot of people are already familiar with, and is totally in English.

The problem is the price!

Buying Korean ingredients and kitchenware at a real Korean grocery store will always be much cheaper than on Amazon. I’m hoping the prices eventually go down, but in the meantime, for those of you with no choice, I decided to upgrade my online shopping section and make a list of items on Amazon that are good quality at a fair price.

I went through the website and checked out each item, brand, and price to come up with this list of items that can be used in my recipes. Items sold at ripoff prices were left out, and I even found some good things that were mislabeled in English, so I hope that this improved section on my website will be helpful. See the updated section here.

I’ll continue to update this list when I find better options. I wish they would lower the prices!


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    Hello Maangchi, thank you so much for yet another big hand you are giving us when shopping online! I don’t know how many of these sellers will ship outside the US, but still this list gives an idea of what to choose, especially when some other website is not offering accurate translation of the labels ;-)

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