Korean recipe index for Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking

By Maangchi

Hello my cookbook purchasers!
Have you enjoyed some recipes from my cookbook?

Yes! I know many of you have already made delicious dishes from the cookbook! I’m very excited whenever I get messages from you guys about it, or see your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your own blogs.

I wanted to make a perfect cookbook with no mistakes, but I realized nothing can be perfect. I found some mistakes on the chapter indexes. The page numbers in the chapter listings are wrong for the second half of the book. The index at the back is correct, but there was a printing error with recipe page numbers on the chapters in the second half, they are off by a few pages.

Whoever’s fault it was, I was really disappointed to see it, but after thinking about it some more, I remembered that nobody is totally perfect, right? More important is that you make many delicious dishes from my recipes and share with your friends and family.

My publisher is going to fix the mistakes in the next printing and is trying to figure out how to get a new index to you who bought it already, but in the meantime the correct page numbers are on this Real Korean Cooking recipe index on my website.

This index has more than just page numbers. It has English, Korean, and Romanized names of all the recipes in the book, as well as their difficulty level and whether or not they are vegetarian. This is a copy of my master index that I used to write and organize the book.

Enjoy my cookbook, and I hope you find the recipe index useful!

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