Last night I had a meetup at my friend’s budae-jjigae restaurant in Seoul (김이박부대찌개). This meetup wasn’t planned much in advance, I was in Seoul and I wanted to meet my readers and viewers because I’m here. I was surprised that a lot of people who came last night were also travelers in Korea, just like me! There were people there from all around the world, and lots of Korean people, too. Some of them came from other provinces, just to make it for the party.

So many people wanted to attend that I had to break it up into 2 groups, one at 6pm and one at 7pm, and there was still a waiting list to get in. If you were on the waiting list, I apologize you couldn’t get in.

It was a great night, and some people left late after a lot of talking about personal stories, cookbooks, and making videos.

My friend surprised me with this banner she made to welcome people to the party!

What made us connect to each other that is everybody loves Korean food and cooking, so when we get together there is a lot to talk about. We all made friends easily. At the bottom right is Seoyoung from the wonderful website Bburi Kitchen. Check it out if you’re interested in Korean food and cooking!

I was happy because I got a chance to talk to every single person who was there, and pour them a glass of my favorite Korean alcohol, or soda, if they preferred it!

Jeff Rubidge

This is Jeff Rubidge, he has a YouTube channel all about making makgeolli. He lives in the US but came to Korea to study makgeolli making.

If you want to make budae-jjigae at home, my recipe is here!

Hello everybody! Thank you for coming! I had a great time meeting you all! Let’s do it again next time!


  1. carrayville Placerville, CA joined 12/18 & has 5 comments

    It’s really cool, unfortunately that I could not get to this event

  2. strawberrycheeks Sri Lanka joined 6/18 & has 9 comments

    This looks so fun! I wish I could go too

  3. Samiam66 Peachtree City, GA joined 5/18 & has 1 comment

    Love you and your beautiful spirit. I bought your book and am loving it. Thank you for sharing your expertise and life with us. I love Korean food and cooking it, thanks to you.
    I live in Peachtree City, GA. Come visit us sometime! ❣️

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