Mexican wife living with Korean husband and 5 children

By Maangchi

One of my Mexican readers, married for 20 years with Korean husband with 5 children, sent me email last night.  She has been living in a house in the mountains somewhere in California. She has to drive hours to get Korean ingredients.

She says:

“… my parents in law dont speak English, so all these years we communicate with instant body language and grunts, and it works! When my mother in law really needs to tell me something she tells me in Korean,  then we use my nephews and neices to translate. I love my mother-in-law. If you were stuck in the wild, she would be the person you want to be with! She knows how to survive. : )  In fact all my sisters and  brothers in laws have that survival skills. All they are great farmers.

fascinating story! love to visit their house and meet her mother-in-law to listen to all compliments about her daughter-in-law.

While reading her email, I found she is an adorable person! She makes her whole family including her in-laws happy!


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    Wow, there must be alot of good food in that house. Mexican & Korean food…delicious!

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