My cookbook is for sale on Createspace and very soon it will be for sale on too (March 12 – it’s on Amazon here). It’s recipes and pictures from my first 18 YouTube cooking videos. Here’s the full list of what’s inside.

Since I started posting my recipes on YouTube and my blog, I have received so many feedbacks and questions every day. I answer their email and questions at least a few hours right after coming back from my work. I am very surprised at how passionately they want to learn Korean dishes. Their passion inspires me and the more time goes by the more time I spend on my blog. I started this as a hobby, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger. It is so much fun for me.

Some people have suggested making DVD and a cook book so that they could give this to their friends and relatives including themselves as a gift. They also said that they want to see cooking process through their big TV monitor to follow my direction more clearly. I thought it was a very good idea and eventually I made it! I’m sure this book with my DVD would make a good present for somebody who’s interested in making Korean food.

If you want, you can download the pdf of this book and even make your own. : )

Here’s what it looks like:


  1. hi maanghi unnie! i’m a little young, but i have started to make one of your recipes and my family loved it! i’m hoping to make more! x) if you can, may you make more simple recipes? :) i would love to see more of your own creations of your recipes! oh! and congratulations!! i hope i get one of the cookbooks xD but heh seriously i’m only 13 and i just LOOOVE your recipes!

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    Thank you for leaving your comment here about making bean paste. A few people have requested this the recipe,but I did not remember under which blog I left this comment. : ) I only remembered I wrote this somewhere on my blog.
    I should think about showing the recipe someday anyway.

  3. haha…that description of making bean paste was funny to me! what a long process! i just found your site today and i’m so excited about it! it’s great that there is a korean woman out there showing americans and others how great korean food is! you need your own TV show! =)

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    You are interested in making your own beanpaste and hot pepper paste. Cool!

    I used to make hot pepper paste and bean paste when I lived in Korea. It’s very complicated and takes long long time. Especially to make soy bean paste, first you have to cook beans , then crush and make blocks of beanpaste , and dry it, then ferment !

    Not finished yet. : )

    You have to put the fermented dried bean paste blocks into a huge earthenware and add water and huge amount of salt.

    Not done yet! :)

    Then you have to wait for a few months. Be sure you have to open the lid of the earthenware when it’s fine day. Of course you have to close it in the evening. Over and over again, you have to open and close the lid of earthenware.

    Not done yet!

    A few months later, the salty water turns into brown liquid, which is soy sauce! Then take out the blocks of beanpaste and put it in a jar to keep, which is “bean paste(doen jang)

    Then what are you going to do with the salty water?

    You have to boil the salty brown liquid for hours and hours.
    ooh! smelly!

    When somebody is boiling her soy sauce, all neighborhood is full of smell! The liquid is salty soy sauce.

    You must have seen I often used fish sauce to salt my soup in my cooking videos. The fish sauce replaced the salty soy sauce.

    The salty soy sauce is different from that you can get at a korean grocery store.

    Do you think it’s possible to make it here? : )
    I can’t make it here in Canada, besides it smells a lot.

    Making hot pepper paste is easier than bean paste, but still it’s convenient for me to buy hot pepper paste here. The taste is ok.

    Thank you for your interest in my recipes. I will keep your request in mind though. Who knows? I may have chance to make it someday.

    Do you find my explanation is interesting? It took time to entertain you! : )

  5. Thank you Maangchi! I was going to try to make my own kimchee, and found you on the internet…I have a bunch of korean cookbooks, but watching your video blog, and the instructions are far better than just the recipes I have!

    Next…can you show us how to make our own dwenjahng, or gochujang from scratch? I don’t trust the ones in the supermarkets with all the chemical and msg ingredients in them.
    Thank you! I will be buying your book!

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    Jo* rose,
    Thank you!

  7. Congratulations Maangchi! I’ll have to request the bookstore I frequently go to for your cookbook. Good job! Yay!

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    Yes, go for it. It will be cool you make your own Korean food wherever you are, won’t it?

  9. Maangchi,
    I’m a Korean living in the States by myself. I really miss my mother’s cooking and watching your videos make me want to try to cook some Korean food for myself.
    Thank you so much! You are the best!

  10. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    I’m very glad to hear that!

  11. You are wonderful. You’ve really opened the world of Korean food to non-Korean people like me. Thank you very much.

  12. Hi Maangchi,

    Congratulations on your cookbook! Your recipes are awsome and delicious.

  13. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Interesting id. Yooja is a kind of citrus fruit in Korean.
    Anyway, thank you very much!

  14. Congratulations on your cookbook!!! You are going to be so successful with this book. I just know it. :)

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    Hi, Deborah,
    I will give you my cook book because you were my guest in one of my videos “Kimchi stew and bean sprouts side dish” ! Let’s get together sometime soon, Thanks a lot!

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    congratulations!! :) your book looks wonderful! i can’t want to see it in person.

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    Thanks a lot!

  18. Wow, that is very well-made. I love it. Thank you for sharing your passions with us, maangchi. You’re very inspiring. You know I’m a fan of yours since the beginning :) More power to you!

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    Thank you very much for your encouraging comment!

  20. OMG Maangchi! Congratulations!! The pictures of the book look great! You deserve the best and I’m so glad to have been following you all this time! I love ALL the dishes you’ve made so far – keep up the great work! It’s so great that you’re sharing the pdf of the book too! Thank you and I wish you great success with the sales!!!!!

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