One of my readers Jayne emailed me a few photos of the bibimguksu (Spicy mixed noodles) she made, as well as a photo of her baby. The title of the email was “Baby no like… but we love!”

I was laughing and laughing when I saw her baby’s photo. Her baby’s frown indicates: “Mom mom, not yet please, don’t forget I’m a still baby”

The mouth of any spicy food lover will water when they see her bibimguksu photos. She put 1 hard boiled egg, split into 2, on the noodles exactly as I am doing. I can see her generosity for hearty food. It’s totally coming from her heart. Not stingy at all about using ingredients!

She let me know she’s willing to show these photos to my other readers and even suggested a new section for my website where she can upload mom, dad, and baby photos along with dishes made with my recipes. She said: “My baby has volunteered to be a model for all future Maangchi recipes her mother attempts to master. Maybe the chicken adobo will make her smile!”

Thank you for giving us smiles Jayne! Let me think about your great idea.

Bibimguksu! The recipe is here!

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  1. Jack.I PA (origin Finland) joined 3/12 & has 1 comment

    The egg yolks look like little pumpkins. :D

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