The winners of the On-the-spot Tteokbokki contest with aT have been chosen and aT sent them their spicy boxes last week. Let’s congratulate the winners!

Congratulations to Brian, Abbigail, Kathleen, Hannah, Yi, Joann, Brianna, Monica, Lori, Brian, Jess, James, Felicia, Kelly, Maria, Lilly, Sandra, Jazmin, Marybeth, Tracie, Anu, Terry, Marie, Yasmin, Jenny, Charles, Hope, Rebekah, Jessy, Maggie, Myram, Sukanya, Kelly, Jonathan, Amanda, Leah, Kendra, Mercy, Jon, Shuntrell, Ann, Sarah, Katherine, Kelvin Thomas, Mari, Kaitlin, Albert, Joy, Michelle, and Adam! (last names removed for privacy)

Here’s all the boxes getting ready to be sent:

Tteokbokki prize boxes

And here are some photos from the winners! From Jazmin:
Tteokbokki contest prize box

From Marybeth:
Tteokbokki contest prize box


Tteokbokki contest prize box

Tteokbokki contest prize box

Tteokbokki contest prize box

Tteokbokki gift box

And here are some pictures from Instagram:


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    Hi Maangchi! Long time viewer and follower here. I wanted to let you know that no one is able to post in the forums anymore :( it comes up with an error..

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