Delicious kimchi pancake

kimchi pancake

Happy Sunday everybody!
I made a kimchi pancake today, because it’s kimchi making day and I have a lot of old, sour kimchi to use up now that I have fresh kimchi. I haven’t made one of these delicious, savory pancakes in a while. It was really yummy!


My kimchi pancake recipe and video are here!



  1. Sav_sss Canada (near Montreal) joined 3/15 & has 29 comments

    Ok that’s it i’m eat this tonight ahah!! it look so crispy and flavourfull !! ba

  2. kestrelkwan joined 5/15 & has 2 comments

    Maangchi, I’d followed your recipe to make this kimchi pancake, It’s really yummy and easy to make. How can I share the photo with you?

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