Honestly, I had a hard time doing this. It took me a while to get the right consistency of the dough. I am not sure but I think I need more water. As I was mixing the dough to form a ball and put the adzuki bean filling, the dough breaks, so what I did was to brush the dough with little water from time to time for me to be able to control it. I think the consistency of the dough for this recipe is very similar or if not, the same to our “galapong” which is also made of glutinous rice flour and water. You buy this from the market here in the Philippines already mixed, already in dough form so it is much easy to control. Maybe I’ll try to use that next time for this recipe. Oh well, I guess I need more practice for this one. =) I only had black sesame seeds on the pantry so I used that one only. =)
The recipe is here.

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    Next time you make it again, add a little more water. Thank you very much for sharing your cooking experience with us! Sesame seeds powder is very delicious to coat the rice cake balls. Congratulations! https://www.maangchi.com/fans/josephine-marasigan

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