Jangteo Marché Oriental

Korean and Japanese Foods

It’s managed by the same people as the one on 2109 Ste-Catherine West.





  1. Indiscriminate Eater Québec, Canada joined 8/20 & has 1 comment

    Their taiyaki and their onigiris are excellent as well. I am not sure what these items are called in Korean. I also get my eomuk or oden ingredients here.

  2. Sav_sss Canada (near Montreal) joined 3/15 & has 29 comments

    Oh and not only they have food but they also have earthenware bowl, kimchi refrigerator, and all king of korean appliance (sorry don’t know if it’s the right word lol) anyway here is there website.. http://jangteu.com/?mid=products&category=1566

  3. Sav_sss Canada (near Montreal) joined 3/15 & has 29 comments

    That’s where i personally go and it’s a really really good korean store !!! just the delivery service i heard it wasn’t good at all but the shop as everything you need to cook korean and a little bit of japanese and really really good ingredient and the store owner’s are korean too.

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