Great Variety of Korean (and Japanese) stuff, and they sell really good fresh kimchi. There is also a sushi-to-go counter.


  1. Andrea Italy joined 1/09 & has 19 comments

    Yesterday I received a new package of kosari. Very nice of them, I don’t know if it is due to my negative feedback on their kosari, which they probably read but did not publish.
    Everything fine now, pity they don’t communicate at all, as if they had problems in writing english or german.

  2. Andrea Italy joined 1/09 & has 19 comments

    Last week I purchased some ingredients from the Dae-Yang website: gochugaru, some ramyeon (just to amortize shipping costs…), sesame oil, fruit juices, kosari, mulyeot.
    Everything ok, shipping was very quick, but I found out that the package of kosari had expired two months ago!
    Wednesday evening I wrote them an e-mail in German, informing them also with a picture and closing the e-mail looking forward to their comments.
    Complete silence.
    Never mind, there are many other online shops.

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