Kina Center Livs

An asian grocery store with goods from China, Korea, Japan, Vietnamn and more. You will find everything from fried fish and deep frozen frog legs to rice noodles and coriander at Kina Center Livs on Möllan. Here you can find all the Asian specialties that you have been looking for, and if you’re having trouble finding out what is what the personnel is happy to help out. The tofu is cheap and comes in many different shapes, the spring rolls exist with both meat, smoked and vegetarian filling and the vegetables are crispy and fresh. They have a good frozen assortment of dumplings, fried tofu, edamame, bean desserts and fish. Kina Center Livs also has porcelain, teas, spices, cook books, steamers made out of bamboo and an entire wall with noodles. Buy a fortune cookie on your way out!

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