Excellent store, and Yipping, the owner, is awesome! I’ve been going there for many years.
From their website:
We now carry a much larger selection of Asian foods from vegetables to dumplings to ice cream, including meats and fish, and many others.
Our larger selection now includes Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese groceries.
Have a request, we will do our best to carry it.
Our larger store has enabled us to lower our prices and expand our inventory.

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    This is my local Asian market and I love it so much. They have many packaged Korean ingredients, frozen and pre-packaged things, and even some fresh veggies and frozen meats cut in the Korean style. The shelves are beautifully organized chaos, so make sure to ask for help finding things OR just patiently look at every single wonderful thing like I do. Note: they’re closed on Tuesdays!!

    See full size image

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