To celebrate my 10th anniversary uploading videos, I had a potluck party with my readers and viewers at the YouTube Space in New York! We had a great time and it was so fun to see so many delicious dishes that they made!


  1. aTrueRedHead Germany joined 8/14 & has 17 comments

    Dear Maangchi

    Congratulations for 10 Years of beautiful and interestings recipes and videos. Even though I do not know your website for all the 10 years I really love and enjoy your website.
    It seems as if you had a great potluck party to celebrate.
    To bad I live so far away. But if you ever come to my country I hope I get to meet and thank you in person for sharing your knowledge and delicous recipes with us.

    Here is to the next 10 years :-)

  2. GeneBlack Alabama joined 5/17 & has 5 comments

    Congratulations on Ten Years and becoming a youtube cooking legend.
    I must thank you for teaching me to make kimchi and Kkakdugi.
    Where I live the ingredients can be difficult to find, but I make it as best I can. Emergency Kimchi showed me that I can change ingredients if I need to.

    See full size image

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