maangchi meetup pages

  1. Maangchi's 10th anniversary

    Maangchi’s 10th anniversary potluck party

  2. Report from the LA meetup & potluck

  3. November 2013 Los Angeles meetup & potluck!

  4. Fun night with my readers in Flushing!

  5. Report from the spring picnic meetup in Connecticut

  6. Kimchi!

  7. Putnam Park

    Springtime Korean Picnic in May!

  8. Gado-gado (Indonesian salad)

  9. Gapshida Indonesia

  10. Gapshida Rotorua

  11. Philippines Meetup on Nov.15 2011

  12. Kuala Lumpur meetup party

  13. Potluck party in Jakarta

  14. Picnic with my Singapore readers

  15. With some foodies living in Wellington New Zealand