Since I uploaded my “how to grow mung bean sprouts” recipe video, many of my readers have shown me the bean sprouts they grew. For a while now, I’ve been harvesting the photos of homegrown mung bean sprouts they sent me and posted on Facebook! They all look gorgeous.

I’m pretty excited to know that I have a simple kit to grow my bean sprouts, something I can do for the rest of my life. I can grow them any time I want and so can you! If you have any photos to add, you can upload them in the comments!

Aisha's homegrown bean sproutsGrown by Aisha from Pakistan. Aisha said: “Mung bean sprouts are nowhere available in my city, but now I can grow them anytime. I’ve harvested my mung bean sprouts at Day 5. The pot I took was too little hehe, next time I am going to correct my mistakes.And the TASTE?! OMG! so fresh and yummy.”
Donna Tano sproutsGrown by Donna Tano from Philippines. The Philippines is hot, so it took only 4 days to grow these, instead of 6 days!
Irini's homegrown mung bean sprouts Grown by Irini Santi from Greece. She said: “Yes, I cut all the roots! It took 1 hour to cut them off but the result was really worth it! : )”
Mathew Ortega's homegrown bean sproutsGrown by Mathew Ortega from Australia. He said: “I ate the sukjunamul before I remembered to take a picture. I could not resist the smell of toasted sesame oil!”

Tresha's homegrown bean sproutsGrown by Tresha Oconnor from Oregon. She said: “I had a great time with growing the bean sprouts, you can practically watch them grow. On day 5 I could swear they grew and inch overnight.”

Jan Azusada 's homegrown bean sproutsGrown by Jan Azusada from Philippines.

Priscilla's homegrown -sproutsGrown by Priscilla Liang from Canada. She said: “Grew some mung bean sprouts with my 4 yo daughter Geneve. We had so much fun!!”

pricilla-daughter-genevePriscilla’s daughter Geneve. Aww, isn’t she cute? : )
flor's homegrown mung bean sproutsGrown by Flor Monge from Costa Rica. She said: “My first experience with lentils!”

Janine-L-Martin's homegrown bean sprouts Grown by Janine L Martin from Maryland, USA. She said: “Here are my little sprouts! A little stringy, but we will eat them in bulgogi wraps tonight. We have tried many styles of food, but the healthiest, most flavorful, and our favorite is Korean!”

Inge's homegrown bean sproutsGrown by Inge Weiss from the Netherlands. She said: “My project bean sprouts turned great!”


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    It was interesting, thanks

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    Looks even more beautiful than even tasty! :)

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    Did my first batch of mung bean sprouts!

    See full size image

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