My cooking class at Whole Foods Culinary Center on April 16 was another great success! The word “Success” to me means that everybody had a great time!  : )

I was excited to see my favorite chef, cooking instructor, and the author of “The Dumplings”  Mr. Wai Hon Chu! He organized my cooking class from beginning to end, and he was there to assist.

The menu for the class was bulgogi stew, bibimbap, and cucumber salad. I took my homemade fermented kimchi to share when we eat after finishing the class. Some of them said, when they tasted bulgogi stew they made, “amazing!” Someone asked, when I showed how to make rice with a pot, “You don’t need to season the rice?” I said: “Good question! Rice served almost 3 meals a day in Korean cuisine, which can be bland, so many different  kinds of seasoned side dishes are developed…”

After exchanging some questions and answers, I found that all 12 students love cooking all type of dishes and they are real foodies! There were 3 of my blog readers in the class. I met the lady named Sophie who left a comment on my Facebook wall, “See you tomorrow!”. I answered a few hours before the class, “See you soon!” : ) She is living in Paramus, New Jersey and she has been using my recipes for a while. She said, “Maangchi, I came all the way to see you!”

Some of them asked me, “Can I get all the ingredients here in Whole Foods Market?” It sounded like they’re going to shop for groceries to make what they learned!

At the West 4 subway stop to go to my class! Nobody will guess what I have in my backpack! : ) : My feremented kimchi, soaked fernbrake (gosari), and an earthenware bowl to demonstrate dolsotbibimbap.

12 good looking foodies! Yay we are chopstick ninjas! : )

wei and min

Min and Wei run the Whole Foods Culinary Center. It was good to work with you again, Wei!

Marinated bulgogi! yummy! : to make bulgogi stew, let’s make bulgogi first!

ooh la la! bulgogi stew arrangement is done! We are going to start cooking in a minute!

ow ow all of us look very focused! Yes, we should look serious when we learn cooking!

I forgot to ask everybody’s name. The lady with baseball cap helped me carrying the heavy platter for bibimbap. All of them look happy and serious. Check out the expression on my face! See? I love what I’m doing! : )


  1. Canuck Hoboken, NJ joined 7/11 & has 1 comment

    I just moved to Hoboken, if you do another cooking class my wife (who is Korean) and I will go!!

  2. Maha Jordan joined 12/10 & has 29 comments

    oh … very beautiful , it looks like you had a lot of fun & a lot of delicious food…I’m so jealous ;-)

  3. Myeongwol Mexico joined 3/11 & has 14 comments

    Awesome Maagnchi!!!!! I hope to have the chance to assist to your cooking classes one day!!!! I bet the pot ended up empty ^^!!!!

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