A few months ago I found a great clam BBQ restaurant named “Gugongtan” in Flushing. I was testing my new iPhone and took a photo of the clams on the BBQ grill and uploaded it to my Facebook wall. Immediately many people responded and liked the photo! Every time I go to Flushing to buy Korean ingredients I always stop by this place.

At the Connecticut meetup in the spring Chris Mcleod mentioned the photo: “Oh I’d love to visit the restaurant someday!” I told him: “Let’s go there together then!” Chris organized a trip out there.

Everybody who came was happy about the variety of clams on the grill and the smokey taste. After eating clams, we ordered marinated pork and soju. Everyone there knew each other from the Connecticut meetup.

The photos below were taken by me and Ryan:

If you are interested in visiting this restaurant, here’s the address:
40-03 149 Pl
Queens, NY 11354

All the waiters can understand English. We had clam and marinated pork, but you can order other dishes, too. By the way, I’m not being paid by this restaurant, I just want to share a delicious restaurant with you. : )


  1. jkcorp99 Victoria joined 11/12 & has 1 comment

    Ahhhh, at last, the kind of place I could easily spend an evening. Too sad we can’t all join you on your next visit. Nom Nom. Great pictures too.

  2. JAnne02 LA joined 9/12 & has 1 comment

    That seems to be so delicious. What a sumptuous meal.

  3. Michele Connecticut, USA joined 6/11 & has 5 comments

    Wow! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and enjoyed copious amounts of amazing food. I live in Connecticut, and I guess I missed the boat on catching when the “meet-ups” are. How can I get involved? We are a Korean-American family (I’m American and my husband is Korean-American), and we would love to get involved in something like this, as Korean cultural things are far and few between in Connecticut. Anyhow, nice to see someone is doing this!

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