Korean Fried Chicken (Yangnyeom tongdak: 양념통닭)

This morning I was surprised to see that my video for “Korean fried chicken” aka yangnyeom-tongdak has 2 million views on YouTube! This makes me incredibly happy, because I started making cooking videos to share my passion, and it seems to be working. This video didn’t get 2 million views quickly like a viral video, it happened over a long period of time, as people made it and liked it and shared it with their friends and family and word of mouth spread. For a long time my original kimchi video was my #1 video, but eventually yangnyeom-tongdak views overnumbered.

It makes me wonder how many people in the world actually tasted my chicken at a party or gathering. It’s pretty much impossible for me to calculate. I celebrated by making fried chicken with my own recipe!

Thanks to you, my faithful readers! You guys are awesome! Stay tuned, I have tons more recipes to share and will keep doing it for years and years, as long as I am conscious! : )


  1. roggbrown Brooklyn, NY joined 7/14 & has 1 comment

    Its My first time knowing about this Korean version of fried chicken and it looks so irresistible and so yummy.. I will definitely give it a try and cook it for My family this weekend.. I’m so excited!

  2. Terrabyte Miami joined 4/14 & has 1 comment

    I can almost smell the food coming from the computer! Your food looks so delicious!! You’re awesome! (^____^) Have you ever considered in coming to Miami, FL to honor us with your amazing Korean cooking? <3

  3. ddnorman Southern NH, USA joined 9/13 & has 75 comments

    Yaaaay!!! Congratulations Maangchi! I look forward to cooking all of your recipes so I guess you’ll have to get used to getting my comments and pictures for a long time to come! ^__^

    All the best!

    PS: I hope my picture taking skills will improve as much as my cooking skills have so I can do your recipes justice. ^^

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